The Rad Trads - On Tap Download


The Rad Trads - On Tap Download


On Tap serves as the world's introduction to the diverse possibilities The Rad Trads have to offer from the studio. Revered for their live shows, On Tap sees the five songwriters pull back the curtain on their passion for arrangement and orchestration, introducing a sea of horns, harmonies, gritty grooves, and psychedelic guitar textures. Songs like "Thumbtack" and "The Little Pie Blues" share a nod towards their playful use of acoustic instruments while powerhouses "Good Luck Unto Ya" and "Wishing Well" make for unbridled bookends. "My Place" and "Key Club" highlight the diverse sonic pallet the band has grown to embrace. The band's contagious fun-loving nature shines throughout, a feeling that their fans will find familiar.

  1. Good Luck Unto Ya

  2. Manhattan Bridge Serenade

  3. Key Club

  4. My Place

  5. Thumbtack

  6. Sarge’s Boogaloo

  7. Vada Via

  8. The Little Pie Blues

  9. Wishing Well

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