Ozomatli - Ozomatli Presents Ozokids


Ozomatli - Ozomatli Presents Ozokids


Released September 25, 2012.

Available worldwide on CD. Price includes shipping.

Celebrated Los Angeles band Ozomatli now extend their culture-mashing music to the younger members of their audience by offering "OzoKidz" –- a special family friendly set geared towards both children and adults alike. 

1.     Trees
2.     Moose On The Loose
3.     We Are The OzoKidz
4.     Germs
5.     Like It's Your Birthday
6.     Exercise
7.     Balloon Fest
8.     Sun And Moon
9.     Pirana
10.     Let's Go To The Movies
11.     Skateboard
12.     Water
13.     Spelling
14.     Changito

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